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Dear readers, Since 1989, I've passionately drawn cartoons, facing challenges from editors and governments. Joining this platform changed everything. Here, I don't compromise, and no one censures my toons but me. Your support sponsors these cartoons, making them yours. Your support is the key to my artistic freedom. It empowers thought-provoking cartoons challenging the status quo, shedding light on crucial matters, and holding those in power accountable. It's not just about big, one-time support. Even small, regular contributions make an impact. Your consistent support ensures this art form thrives. Read, enjoy, and share! Let's keep this going. Your contributions, no matter the size, make a difference. Join me in celebrating the power of cartoons driven by the readers, for the readers, and created by the readers. Thank you sincerely, Manjul #CartoonForTheReadersOfTheReadersByTheReaders

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